3 Benefits of Using a Forestry Mulcher to Clear Land

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3 Benefits of Using a Forestry Mulcher to Clear Land

3 Benefits of Using a Forestry Mulcher to Clear Land

22 April 2022
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If you need to clear larger or more overgrown areas of land, then a forestry mulcher might be the best machine for the job. What are the advantages of using this kind of mulcher?

1. Work in Various Conditions

Some mulchers work well in general conditions. However, they struggle to work on more difficult terrain. For example, they might get bogged down in muddy conditions. Or, they might only work on flat land; they won't be able to cope with inclines and slopes.

Forestry mulching machines are more versatile. They work well on flat land; however, they can also cope with more difficult terrain and conditions.

Most of these machines have tracks rather than wheels. These tracks keep the machine moving safely even in muddy conditions. They also make it easier to drive the machine up slopes and inclines.

Some forestry mulchers even come with remote controls. So, their drivers can guide them up and down steeper slopes remotely without having to worry about their own safety.

2. Finish Mulching Jobs Faster

Forestry mulchers can pick up and break down even difficult materials in difficult conditions. They work fast and efficiently. So, you will clear ground faster.

Plus, these machines are designed to lay their mulch waste behind them as they work. You don't have to worry about burning off mulch or finding ways of disposing of it. Once a mulcher clears land, your job is done.

You also only need one operator for this job, so you can get the rest of your crew working on other parts of the project. You won't waste as much time on land clearance. These mulchers will make short work of this part of the project.

3. Get Immediate Environmental Benefits

Some mulching machines churn up ground as they clear it. For example, mulchers with rugged and heavy tyres can leave some ground damage behind them.

If you use a forestry mulcher with tracks, then you reduce the chances of ground damage. The tracks bear the weight of the machine much more evenly. They soak up pressure so that it doesn't pass into the ground. You will leave less damage behind.

Plus, the fact that you leave mulch on the ground has environmental benefits. A layer of fresh mulch will nourish the land you clear. It will improve its quality. It can also help remediate difficult areas that suffer from problems like soil erosion. The layer of mulch will hold the soil in place more effectively.

To find out more about forestry mulchers and their benefit, contact mulching equipment suppliers.

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