Features to Look for When Hiring a Tipper Truck

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Features to Look for When Hiring a Tipper Truck

Features to Look for When Hiring a Tipper Truck

25 September 2023
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When it comes to heavy construction projects, having the right equipment is crucial for efficient and successful operation. One piece of equipment that is commonly used in construction and transportation industries is the tipper truck. Tipper trucks are designed to carry and dump materials, such as gravel, demolition waste or sand. If you are in need of a tipper truck for your project, it is essential to know what features to look for when hiring one. Learn about the key features that you should consider when hiring a tipper truck.

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity of a tipper truck is the maximum weight it can handle. It is important to assess the weight of the materials you need to transport and choose a tipper truck that can handle the load. Selecting a truck with a higher payload capacity than your requirements can help avoid overloading issues and improve efficiency.

Dumping Mechanism

Tipper trucks are specifically designed for easy unloading of materials. When hiring a tipper truck, check the dumping mechanism it utilises. The most common types are rear-tipping and side-tipping mechanisms. Rear-tipping trucks are suitable for unloading in a designated area behind the vehicle, while side-tipping trucks are ideal for unloading next to the truck's side. Consider the nature of your project and choose the mechanism that best fits your needs.

Size and Dimensions

Consider the dimensions and size of the tipper truck before hiring. Evaluate the accessibility of your project site and ensure that the truck's size can navigate through narrow roads, gates or other potential obstacles. Additionally, the dimensions of the truck bed should accommodate your materials adequately.

Safety Features

Look for tipper trucks that are equipped with essential safety features, such as traction control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control and stability control. These features can greatly enhance driver safety and prevent accidents.

Maintenance and Service History

Before finalising your decision, enquire about the maintenance and service history of the tipper truck. A well-maintained truck is less likely to encounter mechanical issues, which can cause delays in your project. Request documentation of regular maintenance and ensure that the rental company has a reliable servicing system in place.

Fuel Efficiency

The cost of fuel can have a substantial impact on the overall expenses. Therefore, it is wise to consider the fuel efficiency of the tipper truck you are planning to hire. Look for trucks with engines that offer good mileage per litre to minimise fuel consumption and save costs.

In conclusion, hiring the right tipper truck for your construction project involves careful evaluation of its payload capacity, dumping mechanism, size, safety features, maintenance history and fuel efficiency. For more information on tipper truck hires, contact a company near you.

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