Equipment Hire Tips and Tricks

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Equipment Hire Tips and Tricks

Equipment Hire Tips and Tricks

31 January 2022
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As a contractor, equipment hire is a viable way to minimise operational costs and make your business profitable. However, oversights often result in additional expenses, and disputes with equipment hire companies. This extract proposes several rules to guide you when renting equipment for your construction or logistics project. 

Always Choose the Right Equipment

Always assess the site conditions when renting equipment. For instance, when hiring cranes or excavators, most contractors specify the weight and height limits. However, they forget that the site conditions significantly determine the type of equipment you should rent. For instance, if the site is muddy or rocky, you should go for plant equipment that runs on tracks. On the other hand, if you anticipate rains or chilly weather, the equipment should have a closed cab. 

You should also conduct background checks on the equipment model. For instance, low-quality equipment will overheat or develop hydraulic problems if they run for too long. Besides, equipment specifications such as the engine capacity can affect how they operate at the site. For instance, an excavator with a low engine capacity will easily scoop earth and rocks at the site. However, it might not have sufficient power to support attachments to break rocks or drill holes. 

Inspect the Equipment Before Signing the Rental Contract

Always inspect the equipment to establish its condition and defects at the time of hire. It prevents disputes as you use or when returning the rental equipment. For instance, suppose a previous customer burnt the clutch; you will be liable for repairs if you did not identify the issue when renting the equipment. As such, you should always test the equipment and ask for inspection reports to ensure it is in excellent condition. 

Ask For Complimentary Services

Asking for complimentary services is an intelligent way to negotiate the company's rental charges. For instance, you will save a substantial amount if the company transports the equipment to and from your site. Likewise, you will save some cash if the company provides an operator, maintains, and repairs the equipment.  

Negotiate Creatively

Rather than ask for a price cut, use the company's terms and conditions to reduce the hiring costs. For instance, suppose the company begins the rental period when the equipment leaves its premises; you could request them to start charging when the equipment arrives at your site. Besides, ask the company to provide hired-in plant insurance coverage. 

When renting equipment, choose the right machinery, inspect the equipment, ask for complementary services and negotiate creatively. For more information, contact an equipment hire company in your area.

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