Top Reasons for Installing a Wellpoint Dewatering System

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Top Reasons for Installing a Wellpoint Dewatering System

Top Reasons for Installing a Wellpoint Dewatering System

21 May 2020
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Wellpoint dewatering is a system made of shallow wells known as well points. The wells are installed with appropriate spacing and pre-determined depth around a mine. The system is simple and efficient for reducing water levels in excavations. Wellpoint dewatering is the most used dewatering method. That is because of the numerous benefits the technique offers. If you are looking for a dewatering method to use, you should understand the benefits that wellpoint dewatering systems provide.

They Adjust Depending On The Dewatering Needs

The needs of your project determine the kind of dewatering unit you choose to use. For instance, deep wells are ideal for construction compared to the sump pumping. That is because sump pumping is suitable for shallow excavations. These kinds of dewatering methods are also costly. That is because you need to rent or buy a different system for every project.

The wellpoint dewatering method, however, can adapt to the requirements of various projects. A single-stage wellpoint can work on shallow excavations. When you need to work on deeper pits, then you can add a second stage wellpoint. Also, wellpoints can work for different soil types. For instance, the system can handle the low flow in silt soil and also allow large flows in sandy soils.

They Are Fast, And Easy To Install

Every building project has a timeline that the construction companies try to beat. Constructing on groundwater tables, however, is complicated and needs more time. If you are working on such projects, you should avoid installing dewatering units that require a lot of installation time. Such systems will only increase the timeline for your project. A wellpoint is a dewatering system that is easy to install. So you do not need a lot of time to put it up. All you need to do is connect small wells to a single header pipe with a suction pump. You will also not require a lot of workforce during the installation process.

They Reduce Excavation Costs 

All building projects require the right equipment and systems. Thus, a dewatering system that is efficient in different sites reduces the costs of the projects. With the wellpoint dewatering system, you do not need to buy or rent other dewatering systems. That means you end up with significant savings in your company. Also, it is cheap to train your contractors to use a single dewatering system compared to teaching them to use different dewatering units. 


Wellpoint dewatering systems can bring many benefits to your firm. They will help you save on time and money. Also, these dewatering systems can adapt to different construction sites.

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