How do you choose your core drilling equipment?

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How do you choose your core drilling equipment?

How do you choose your core drilling equipment?

9 October 2019
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How confident are you in the standard of work produced by your core drilling equipment? Most drills should be able to drill a hole in concrete, but that isn't really the issue. Core drilling equipment must be able to create precisely the right hole in your concrete. In some cases, the hole you need might be 10 or 20 cm in diameter. At other times, the required hole could be a metre or more in diameter. Whatever the size that is needed, the hole should be perfectly round and in exactly the right place. If there is a problem with the hole you drill, then it could need to be reworked, adding significantly to the overall costs and time requirements of the project.

What equipment will you choose?

It is important that the drill you choose for core drilling was actually built for that purpose and is capable of the accuracy needed. Don't try to get by with using substandard equipment, as this will only cost you more in additional remedial work later on. Choose the right drill for the task, and pair it with the appropriate diamond blade to ensure that the finished hole will be exactly the size and shape in the specifications.

Powering your drill

One of the most challenging decisions you must make when it comes to core drilling equipment is deciding whether you should opt for a hydraulic or an electric drill. In terms of technical ability, the choice of power source isn't really important since both can do the job equally well, but it is when it comes to the convenience that the issue really matters. Before making your choice, it is essential that you take the time to check what power sources will be available at the drilling location. An underground location without a ready electrical power source would be a great place to use a hydraulic drill, while anywhere that mains or battery power is available, an electric drill could be a better option.   

Your choice of drill matters

Taking the time to get it right when it comes to core drilling equipment isn't a waste of your resources. Making the wrong decision could have serious ramifications for your company. You can't afford to increase your costs by redoing poor work caused by second-rate equipment. Talk to your core drilling equipment suppliers today, and find out which drilling equipment they recommend for your situation.


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