Three Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Pipe Test Plugs

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Three Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Pipe Test Plugs

Three Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Pipe Test Plugs

15 February 2019
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If you are planning on testing your commercial or industrial piping, it is important to acquire the right test plugs for the application. In general, test plugs are critical for checking on the condition of the piping system. This type of component is designed to hold and maintain the pressure of the pipework while reviewing the connected parts. Here are some essential guidelines for choosing the best test plugs for piping systems.

Choose the Best Material

Test plugs are fabricated using different materials. You should select the most appropriate for the application. The choice of material will determine the durability of the test pug. In general, you should opt for plugs made using tough metals like aluminium and steel. These can resist the gradual damage that comes with heavy usage. However, the cost can be high. You should also look into plastic alternatives. These test plugs are ideal because they are not vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Moreover, you will find inexpensive products.

Consider the Pipe Sizing

You should think about the size of the piping system you intend to test using your new equipment. In general, test plugs are designed to fit over pipes of certain sizes. This aspect is the same even for inflatable test plugs which are more flexible. Therefore, when shopping for your test plugs, you should ensure that the products can fit in with the piping. Usually, the sizing is indicated in terms of minimum and maximum pipe diameter. Make a comparison of the products and your requirements for ideal selection.

Evaluate Performance Characteristics

It is important to consider the ability of the different test plugs on the market to withstand harsh conditions. In general, industrial and commercial piping networks can be adverse and unstable. For instance, these systems are not only used in conveying water. The piping might be used to transport other fluids. When purchasing your test plug, you must make sure that the plug is suitable for contact with the fluid in your piping. Otherwise, the component will fail prematurely. It is also essential to consider the temperature of the piping systems. Some plugs might not be able to withstand extreme fluid temperature. In addition, check the piping pressure and compare with the limitations of the available test plugs before making a decision.

Finally, you must choose a test plug which is designed to guarantee ease of use. Check the recommendations provided on using the unit in your piping system and ensure that there will be no complications during your applications. 

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