Three Important Guidelines for Using a Crane Borer Effectively

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Three Important Guidelines for Using a Crane Borer Effectively

Three Important Guidelines for Using a Crane Borer Effectively

4 January 2019
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Cranes are designed and built to provide convenient lifting capabilities in workplaces such as industrial operations and construction sites. Crane borers, on the other hand, are built to turn their power downwards and drill holes into the ground. In general, these pieces of equipment are fitted with a huge helical drill bit which facilitates the creation of holes for various purposes. The uses of crane borers can range from creating planting holes to well drilling. If you are interested in using a crane borer for your drilling project, consider using the tips outlined below for the best outcome.

Choose the Right Borer

It is essential to select the right crane borer for your drilling work. If you do not acquire the appropriate equipment, the boring results might not be ideal for your purposes. In addition, you will use more funds than necessary in rental fees. When choosing a crane borer, you should think about your desired drilling radius. This process will require a careful evaluation of your worksite and the development design plans. It is also important to consider the maximum horizontal reach of the different borers on the market to avoid future inconveniences. In addition, determine the manoeuvrability of the unit and ensure that the entire mounted crane can work efficiently within your worksite.

Remove Obstacles

Crane borers are categorised as heavy construction equipment. This means that the machinery is highly useful but can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. For instance, if people come in contact with a moving borer during operations, they will most likely sustain heavy injuries. Therefore, you should ensure that the area in which the crane borer will be working is cleared. It is crucial to eliminate objects which could interfere with the operation of the equipment. You must also ensure that there are no people within the digging radius of the machine. In addition, place some warning signs or a barrier around the area affected by the crane.

Inspect the Equipment

Finally, you should make certain that the crane borer is in good condition before commissioning any operations. If the crane is faulty, it might cause harm to your workers. The heavy machinery will also contribute to property damage if it is not working as expected. Under normal circumstances, the borer should be checked for irregularities before the commencement of any operations. If any forms of damage are identified, you should perform immediate repairs. It is also advisable to keep up with the recommended care and upkeep practices to ensure peak performance. 

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