The most essential safety tips for forklift operation

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The most essential safety tips for forklift operation

The most essential safety tips for forklift operation

20 February 2018
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If you are operating a warehousing business or a construction site, you will find it very essential to have a forklift. The machine makes it very easy to move heavy goods and equipment over short distances. However, for the machine to have effortless operations, it needs proper handling and maintenance. Here are a few safety tips that you need to follow when operating a forklift.

Wearing proper safety gear before operations

Anyone operating a forklift is supposed to ensure that they have the right safety equipment. This includes a hard hart, high visibility jackets and safety shoes. The safety clothing gives you complete safety such that in case of a fall or other accident, the impact will not lead to serious injuries. High visibility clothing makes it easy for others to spot you. The clothes should also have some level of tightness such that they cannot get caught by the machinery.  Make sure that the equipment does not have any grease before you start operating as this could lead to accidents.

Examining the equipment well before use

Before operating the equipment, you need to check whether all the components are working properly. Check to see if there are faulty brakes, steering control issues and other weaknesses which could lead to accidents. In case there are weaknesses, however minor they may seem, you are advised not to operate the machinery until the problem is fixed. You should also notify management if there are weaknesses to get clear direction about repairs.

Considering the operation environment

Another important consideration to make is the surroundings where you are operating the fork lift. The machine should only be operated in the designated roadways and of you are operating it near the edge or on a dock, be careful to avoid having the machine fall over the edge. Avoid operating the lift on bridge plates because most of them are never strong enough to withstand the weight of the forklift. Avoid bumps and any other hazards which may increase the chances of forklift accidents.

These are just a few operational tips which will help you have an easy time when operating your forklift. It is essential to always ensure that your path is clear ahead of you when reversing and making other operations with the lift. When the visibility is poor, you have to stop operating the machinery till you can clearly see what you are doing. With these few safety tips, you will minimise accidents when using your forklift.

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