Making the most of a crane hire service

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Making the most of a crane hire service

Making the most of a crane hire service

4 January 2018
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For big projects, whether that's lifting shipping containers or if you need heavy hauler accident recovery, sometimes the only way to get the job done is to go up into the air. That doesn't mean planes, that means cranes. Sometimes you just need to move big objects, and thankfully a good crane hire service will have a huge variety of cranes to help you move what you need to. Crane hire has a multitude of uses, and it's important you find the right crane for the job. For some organisations who already have a crane, you might need to look just for float hire to help you move equipment around, and any crane hire service should be able to provide this. 

What do you want to move?

Once you begin to think about it, you understand just how varied a lifting job can be. In a high rise construction environment, you might not need a crane that can lift heavy weights as much as you need one which has a longer range and height compared to most. In a commercial shipping environment the opposite may be true,  you don't need to go up into the sky but you do need to lifting heavy shipping containers. A crane hire service will also often be called up for heavy hauler breakdown recovery, to get trucks out of harms way and roads moving again. 

Before you commit to a crane hire, think about what you want to move and the implications for the type of machine you need.

How will you get it there?

It's no secret that cranes are heavy machines, and they're not small either! To get around this problem, a crane hire service will often provide float hire at the same time. This is likely to come at an extra cost, but saves the hassle of trying to arrange transport yourself. It also means that you take on less of the liability for any damage which happens en-route to the destination. 

How will you work it?

Crane operation is a tricky business, you can't just hop in and starting moving. Thankfully, your crane hire service may have the option of providing their own staff to operate the crane, or be able to put you in touch with their wider industrial network who will be able to source the right team for the job. This is also important, as they will be able use their industry experience to identify any important crane hire details you may have missed.

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