Critical areas you that you should evaluate before buying a forklift

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Critical areas you that you should evaluate before buying a forklift

Critical areas you that you should evaluate before buying a forklift

15 September 2017
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Forklifts are made in a surprisingly wide range of types. The power source, fuel type and carrying capacity vary greatly, but the basic form remains unchanged. As a long-time user wanting to buy a fork lift, you must have already decided on the type and other characteristics of the folk lift you will eventually buy. Your prior experience with a particular model, in respect to performance and durability, sways your preference. The other great factor is price because you want to get value at a reasonable cost. When the time comes to pick the lift from among others on offer, remember to pay attention to these other points

Power source

The power source of your engine should match the working conditions of your fork lift. If you work in freezing environments such as a fish depot, choose an engine that doesn't use liquid fuels and hydraulic oil as these may freeze and seize your fork lift components, rendering your lift immobile. In this case choose an electric or fuel cell forklifts. For heavy purpose lifting, powerful diesel engines are the best pick they are resilient too. Besides working principal, check the condition of the engine. This shouldn't be too worn out.

Service life

Almost all models have an hour meter that shows how long they have been used. Use it to get the engine showing the least hours. Doing so will give you more hours of useful service in the remaining lifetime of the fork lift.


The basic function of a fork lift is to elevate loads. As such, pay attention the condition of the parts that are directly involved. The forks or prongs should not show signs of having been broken and re-welded in place. When lowered, their entire length should lie flat on the floor while at the same time remaining parallel to each other. Their tips shouldn't be too worn or misshapen.

Extension mechanism

Different technologies are employed in the operation of the mast. The most common ways are chain, hydraulic and cable. All these technologies are prone to normal wear and accidents, so make sure to inspect them closely. For chains, check for missing or rusty link components and ensure the gears wheels that operate it have all cogs intact. If hydraulic is your pick, then go for the folk lift whose pistons are shiny and perfectly straight. The seals located at the base of each piston should not show signs of leaked oil.

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