5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Access Equipment When Building

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5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Access Equipment When Building

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Access Equipment When Building

7 August 2017
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If you are putting up a building on your property, you may need to hire some access equipment to help put the hardware into the highest parts of the building. Wondering which type of hire access equipment you need? Looking for tips to help? Take a look at these ideas.

1. Don't Book the Equipment Until You Need It

It's easy to get off schedule when you are putting up a shed, a workshop or another type of building. For example, you may end up working with unskilled labour who takes longer than expected to pour the foundation.

You don't want your access equipment sitting there unused when you are behind schedule waiting to get to that part of the project. To avoid that, consider booking the equipment right when you need it. With most buildings, you only need the access equipment for a day or two while you complete that part of the frame. Once the frame is up, you can generally get by with ladders to do the roofing and cladding.

2. Use Scissor Lifts for Easy Straight Up Work

Scissor lifts are ideal for situations where you can get the access equipment right below where you need to do the height work. These lifts are also relatively easy to use compared to other types of equipment. You simply maneuver the lift where you want it, load it up with your crew and raise it to the needed height.

3. Consider Knuckle Booms for Tight Spots

If you have to go up and over obstacles to finish the top part of the frame, you may want to look into knuckle booms. They look similar to cherry pickers, but their booms are segmented in a way that allows the lifting mechanisms to handle turns.

4. Hire Access Equipment With Caterpillar Tracks for Rough Terrain

Whether you have to deal with power lines or other obstacles up above, you also need to think about the condition of the terrain where you are working. If your building is surrounded by level ground, you can hire access equipment with regular wheels. However, if the terrain is bumpy and hard to navigate, you may want to opt for scissor lifts, knuckle booms or other equipment with caterpillar tracks.

5. Double Check Your Weight and Height Requirements

Finally, last but not least, don't forget to check and double check your height and weight requirements. Account for the highest parts of the frame that you need to reach, but also remember to estimate the weight of the workers and the equipment that you want to send up on the lift. It may be less expensive to hire equipment that doesn't hold as much weight, but that could add time to your project. Ultimately, you have to strike the right balance. 

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