Why You Should Give Oversize Haulers Ample Notice

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Why You Should Give Oversize Haulers Ample Notice

Why You Should Give Oversize Haulers Ample Notice

28 September 2016
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Would you like to transport oversize equipment to a construction site? Read on and discover why you should contact oversize haulers early so that your shipment can be delivered on schedule.

Planning an Optimum Route

Oversize cargo presents special challenges due to its abnormal size, shape and weight. Consequently, the heavy haulage company has to select an appropriate route that will avoid putting the cargo and other road users at risk. For instance, a direct route to your site may involve moving the cargo through 100km. However, the existence of overhead barriers along the direct route may compel the transporter to travel for more than 200km. Furthermore, road works on a section of a chosen route may compel the transporter to take a longer route in order to avoid the weakened sections of the road. Thus, ample time must be available to get an optimum route for your particular oversize cargo.

Assembling Proper Vehicles

Another reason why you may need to give the heavy haulage transport company ample notice about your oversize cargo is that the company needs to pick and avail the appropriate vehicles to transport your oversize equipment. For instance, the transporter may need to avail an articulated truck that is easy to manoeuvre on the narrow roads leading to your site. Such a special truck may be away delivering another oversize load. Ample time allows the transporter to put together the best fleet to transport your oversize equipment safely.

Finding Appropriate Loading Gear

Each oversize load presents unique loading or offloading challenges because no two oversize loads are of the same dimensions. For instance, a special crane may need to be assembled at the loading dock so that your heavy construction equipment can be loaded safely onto the flatbed trucks that will haul it to the construction site. Similarly, special equipment must be availed at the delivery site so that the oversize cargo can be safely offloaded once it arrives. These special arrangements require time to plan and execute.

As you can see, the transportation of heavy construction equipment that exceeds the normal dimensions of loads calls for careful planning. Different heavy haulage transport companies require differing durations to work out those logistical challenges. It is therefore in your best interest to contact the transport companies as soon as you get a construction contract that requires you to move oversize equipment to the site. It will then be possible for the shipment to be delivered in time so that work can commence without a hitch.

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