Five Accessories and Ideas to Make Your Truck Seat More Comfortable

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Five Accessories and Ideas to Make Your Truck Seat More Comfortable

Five Accessories and Ideas to Make Your Truck Seat More Comfortable

26 September 2016
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Tired of being uncomfortable on the road? Then, it may be time to think about modifying your truck seat. Wondering which features and accessories can make your truck seat more comfortable? Take a look at these ideas:

1. Beads

Wooden beads act an interesting look to your truck seat, and they can also help to make your seat more comfortable. You can buy beads that cover just the back or both the back and the seat of the chair. Ideally, look for a beaded mat that has the beads attached at different angles. This allows the beads to massage your bum and back as you drive your truck.

2. Massaging Pad

If you want something a bit more high tech than a beaded cover, you may want to add a massaging pad to your truck seat. Depending on the model you buy, you can turn on or off different areas of this pad to massage different parts of your back or even the top of your thighs. Vibrating settings can help to loosen up tight muscles, while massage settings can help to address knots or other issues.

3. Seat Cushion

Not everyone wants to be massaged whilst they are driving their truck, and, if you prefer a more sedate option, you may want to explore seat cushions. There are a range of cushions on the market. If you have sciatic pains, you may want a cushion that features a small hole in its centre to alleviate pressure from this area. Alternatively, if you suffer from lower lumbar pain, you may want a wedge cushion that supports your lower back rather than a cushion that you sit on. The right cushion helps to increase blood flow and reduce pain levels.

4. Natural Seat Covers

Comfort in your truck seat isn't just related to back support or massages. You may also want to think about the texture of your seat. If the upholstery or leather isn't comfortable to you, consider switching to a wool seat cover or a cover in another natural material. Natural materials help to absorb sweat from your skin, and they can be cooler than synthetic fabrics.

5. New Seat

In some cases, adding something to your truck seat may not be enough. If you are uncomfortable, talk with your boss about buying a new truck seat. Ideally, you want one with great suspension and an ergonomic shape to support your back and legs.

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