Keep the Following Things in Mind When Choosing an Excavator for Your Constructions Site

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Keep the Following Things in Mind When Choosing an Excavator for Your Constructions Site

Keep the Following Things in Mind When Choosing an Excavator for Your Constructions Site

12 September 2016
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After deciding what kind of structure you want to put up, the first step involves the preparation of the site so that it is in suitable condition for project activities. For you to do the job efficiently, you must get an excavator that meets all your needs on the site with minimal inconveniences in terms of maintenance or versatility on the site. Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind when choosing an excavator:

The Physical Configuration of the Site

The geography of the site has a significant effect on the type of excavator that you will choose. If the site is hilly, you need an excavator with a flexible propulsion mechanism to manoeuvre around the steep slopes with a minimal risk of sliding. In such a case, a crawler excavator running on a continuous, metallic chain wheel system will be ideal. The chain wheel system forms a continuous line of cogs that anchor the crawler excavator firmly in the soil, eliminating the risk of slipping back downhill. This is unlike an excavator that runs on ordinary wheels. To add on this, crawler excavators have a very wide base because of their chain wheel system.  For this reason, they spread the excavator load over large surface areas, and this result in low ground pressure. This makes them suitable for site areas with a weak soil support.

The Transportation Needs and Logistics

Are you dealing with many sites? This presents logistical challenges in terms of transporting the excavator from one place to another. If moving the machine is the order of the day, you must incorporate accurate cost estimates in the cost of hiring the machine. Basically, this involves the money you'll spend on hiring, downsizing or upgrading a trailer that you need for transporting the machine. Moreover, you should also pay a visit to your local authority offices to ascertain how much a permit for abnormal loads will cost you. This applies for excavators that cannot be driven on roads such as crawlers.

Where possible, go for ordinary wheel excavators to minimise some of the costs. You won't have to hire a trailer.   

Versatility of the Attachments on the Excavator

A versatile attachment system is necessary for the efficient and fast operation of the excavator. When buying, go for excavators with a quick coupler, a feature that some manufacturers often leave out. Automated couplers make it easy for your workers to switch between different attachments. For instance, an automated coupler allows you to use an excavator for digging with an added capability for attaching a breaker for demolishing unwanted structures.

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