4 Money-Saving Tips When Renting a Mobile Crane

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4 Money-Saving Tips When Renting a Mobile Crane

4 Money-Saving Tips When Renting a Mobile Crane

9 September 2016
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Most construction projects require mobile cranes for lifting and hoisting materials to higher floors. However, buying a mobile crane can be prohibitive because of the huge investment involved. As an alternative, you can hire this equipment instead, saving you a lot of money. In addition, mobile cranes make work easier and faster by eliminating manual processes that can sometimes be risky. Your home construction project will be completed quickly, reducing the enormous costs associated with project delays and stalling. Here are money-saving tips when hiring a mobile crane.  

The Maintenance Record of the Crane – You may rent a mobile crane that has been used before. However, this does not imply that a used crane should not be considered so long as it has a good repair history to guarantee its reliability. A well serviced machine can work optimally just like a new one. Therefore, do not be overly concerned about hiring a new crane provided that a used one can perform the same job without breaking down. This approach ensures that you do not incur additional repair costs when the crane malfunctions.

Discounts on Rentals -- Some mobile crane hiring companies will be open to the idea of offering discounts during low construction seasons. Therefore, if possible, always plan to rent a mobile crane when companies are offering great rental deals. Discounts are a great way of reducing the initial cost of construction.

Size of the Crane -- The size of the crane to hire will depend on factors such as space at the construction site and the lifting and hoisting requirements. Go for a bigger mobile crane if you will be doing a lot of heavy-lifting, but understand that this will cost you more. If you have a small residential construction project, save money by hiring a small crane. Don't rent a huge crane when you have limited space to allow the mobility of the mobile crane in the first place.

Consider Transportation -- There are several options that will be at your disposal when transporting a crane. If the hiring company will make the delivery to your site, this is probably the best choice, but it can be expensive compared to alternatives. However, the safety of the equipment and that of third parties will be guaranteed, and you will also not be liable in case of damages during transportation. Another alternative is to facilitate the transportation yourself and reduce the rental cost. Whichever option suits you, always make certain that the mobile crane arrives at the site as soon as possible, without undue delays or damages.

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