How to Choose the Right Construction Equipment for Your Project

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How to Choose the Right Construction Equipment for Your Project

How to Choose the Right Construction Equipment for Your Project

29 August 2016
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Some inexperienced contractors may not know how to select the best heavy equipment for their first project. Such contractors may end up spending a lot of money to hire expensive equipment when less costly equipment would have been sufficient for the task. This article discusses some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the heavy equipment that you should hire for a project.

The Terrain

Think carefully about the terrain where this heavy equipment will be operated. The information that you get will help you to select the equipment that will be easy to move around the jobsite. For instance, you should hire a crawler excavator in case the terrain at the jobsite is uneven. This is because the steel tracks of the excavator will give it more stability as it is driven over that terrain. However, an excavator that has wheels will be better in case the project requires the equipment to be taken from one location to another. The right mobility mechanism can save you several hours that would have been lost if you had selected equipment with inappropriate locomotion mechanisms for the site.


Pros try to hire the fewest pieces of equipment in order to maximise their gains from any project that they undertake. Those professionals ensure that each piece of heavy equipment that they hire can perform several functions at the jobsite. For instance, why should you hire an excavator and a demolition crane? You can avoid the added expense of hiring a demolition crane by selecting a heavy-duty excavator that has a hydraulic hammer attachment. Such an excavator will perform the role that a demolition crane would have done.

Take a leaf from those professionals and hire equipment that has several attachments. Such equipment versatility will enable you to spend less money on equipment hire. The jobsite will also be less congested by the several pieces of construction equipment competing for workspace.

Ease of Operation

Another important element that you should not overlook as you select construction equipment to rent is how easy it is to operate that machinery. For instance, you should hire a mini-excavator if it can capably perform the tasks at the site. This is because such equipment is so easy to operate that one does not need any special training to use it. This ease of operation will come in handy when a designated operator is unable to work, such as when he or she calls in sick, and yet work must go on. You will just co-opt someone else to operate the equipment you rented.

As you can see, it may not be very difficult for you to select the right equipment for your first construction project. Just focus on the basics above during the equipment selection process. Always consult equipment hire professionals for help in case you need clarification about any aspect of a machine that you would like to rent.

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